The beautiful, tropical Little Corn Island, located off the eastern coast of Nicaragua, is one of the least known islands in the Caribbean Sea. This island is the smaller of the two Corn Islands, the larger of which is simply referred to as the ‘main island’ or Corn Island.

So why has this little island travel destination captivated so many visitors to Nicaragua’s eastern coast? Despite its size (the island is only 1.1 square miles in total!), Little Corn Island provides its guests with all the modern amenities they would expect from a bigger island. Gorgeous white-sand beaches, crystal-blue waters, and lush tropical greenery greet visitors to the island on their arrival. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island; the sound of the native birds chirping, the crashing tide, and the wind blowing through towering palm trees fill the air without interruption.

Yemaya, a hideaway boutique hotel tucked away along the island’s coast, has become a favorite for travelers to Little Corn Island. Rated the “#1 Best Value of 24 places to stay in Little Corn Island” by TripAdvisor, Yemaya exudes a peaceful, warming atmosphere that guests are drawn back to time and time again. The name ‘yemaya’ is derived from the Yoruba language (native to Nigeria) and denotes the Orisha or ‘goddess’ of the sea. Hotel Yemaya, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea, is a travel destination that reflects the beauty, magnificence, and tranquility of its namesake.  


Choose from one of Yemaya’s 16 luxury rooms, each of which provides its occupants with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. There are three types of rooms available, the Oceanfront Rooms, the Oceanfront Rooms with Plunge Pool, and the Partial Ocean View Rooms. Each room comes equipped with modern amenities including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge, a private bathroom, and a private terrace. Guests who rent premium rooms can also enjoy free water sports equipment, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. All rooms include king-sized beds; Oceanfront and Partial Ocean View Rooms also contain a single bed and a pull-out bed. Rooms can sleep anywhere from two to four people and the king-sized beds in the Oceanfront and Partial Ocean View Rooms can be replaced with two single beds on request.

Little Corn Island Activities

Guests to the island can organize with hotel staff to participate in several island-based activities.

Paddleboards and kayaks are available for rental from 10 am to 5pm. Experienced kayakers can make their way around the entire island is around four hours! Ready for some quiet, relaxation? Contact the staff for your very own in-house massage. No need to venture from to special external room, massages can be booked to take place the privacy of your room.

Interested in exploring outside of the island? Staff at this travel destination can organize a 2-hour sailing trip, facilitated by local Miskito Indian sailors on a beautifully rustic, handcrafted 40 ft sailboat. Sail into the deep blue ocean and enjoy a few hours of sunshine and gorgeous island views while lounging in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Adventure seekers can also explore the island’s many scuba diving sites, of which there are over 20. Colorful marine life and vibrant corals are prevalent in the water around the island and divers are sure to be in awe of the beauty beneath the surface!

Are you a lover of yoga? Yamaya has a gorgeously constructed yoga studio available to teachers and students, built into the tropical forested greenery of the island. Due to the studio’s location, yoga sessions are often accompanied by musical sounds and thrilling sights of the local animals such as monkeys, tropical birds, and other wildlife.

Dining and Cuisine

The on-site bar and restaurant expertly serve guests deliciously tropical drinks and mouthwatering local Caribbean dishes. The restaurant boasts an open-thatched roof that allows diners to gaze into the clear night sky during their evening meal or bask in the sun’s rays during a daytime bite. You can grab all three meals of the day at the restaurant; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sure to be enjoyable when crafted by our talented chefs!

Want a romantic date night during your stay? Ask the staff about our private bonfire dinners, perfect for honeymooners, anniversary celebrations, or just a flavorful, private meal with your loved one.

Treat yourself to the experience of Little Corn Island through the lens of the gorgeously simple Hotel Yemaya. 

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