Top Beaches in Nicaragua

Top Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the Latin American countries privileged by its spectacular beaches almost everywhere. When analyzing its map, we can notice the interesting parts of its geography, as it has different coastal zones and is full of exotic islands (as it is the case of the curious island Zapatera). But even though there are many options to choose, here we offer a list of the best beaches in Nicaragua to have a better idea of those places that no any tourist would regret visiting.

San Juan del Sur Bay

Starting from the coast of the southern part of Nicaragua by the Pacific Sea, the huge bay San Juan del Sur provides a unique landscape to enjoy the beach in any season of the year. While being very popular, the touristic services offer top quality with a variety of restaurants and hotels for all tastes. It is located in the Rivas department and with easy access from the city, reason why many people take the chance to enjoy the cultural side of the country. There is no doubt that this is a highly recommended option for those who are seeking fun and a lot of movement all day long because it is very known for its fresh and partying atmosphere.

San Diego Beach

Enjoying the beaches while visiting the capital and biggest city of Nicaragua? Yes, that is possible. One of the best beaches of Nicaragua is just at one hour distance from Managua, and that is the San Diego beach. Although it is quite famous for its proximity to the capital, it is not the typical paradisiac beach, but it is great for the surfers as its waves are usually sizeable This is, without any doubt, an exotic style of beach but still providing a myriad of high-quality touristic services.

Corn Island and Little Corn Island

And finally, in the most coveted coast by tourists of all over the world, in the Caribbean Sea, the beaches are of a whole different type. If what you are looking for is a paradisiac and relaxing experience, the Corn Island and Little Corn Island are the ideal place for you. They are considered between the best islands in Nicaragua for being virgin zones, and where little noise affects the environment, being actually quite calm and relaxing, with its characteristic white sand and unique tropical vegetation.

Moreover, despite being untouched, they are by no means boring as it is possible to do diving or snorkeling to appreciate the beauty of the reefs rounding both islands. There is no doubt that for those who want the calmest place possible, the Little Corn Island can be a great option.