MARCH 2019


“Yemaya is paradise! My husband, 13 yr old son and I spent a week at the resort at the beginning of February and absolutely fell in love with the resort and the island.

The staff were amazing (especially Kelry who works in the dining area and the young man who works at the sports beach) and they went above and beyond all week! The chef never disappointed us and he even cooked us fish that we caught during the day.

We have traveled throughout the world but this was our favourite by far. The locals are so kind and helped make our trip so much more enjoyable. The resort (and island) really felt like home for us!

We recommend diving with Dolphin Dive in town, fishing with Alfonzo and booking a dinner at Darinia’s Kitchen.”


AMAZING Experience!!!

“My boyfriend and I recently returned from an amazing week-long stay at Yemaya. We were excited to get there and experience everything that we had seen of the pictures and reviews. We were not disappointed!

Before our arrival, the resort made sure we had everything confimred. They worked to set up a taxi for us to and from from Big Corn Airport to the dock, and then the Yemaya Express to the resort! We were welcomed with coconuts and staff to help us each get set up in our bungalows! That was a great first impression and sense of truly beginning vacation! Our suite with a plunge pool was a must for relaxing and sun-bathing.

Staff were exceptional to answer questions, help us book local boats to the other part of the island, and to assist us in any way. We felt like family by the end of the week!

We did not get the food package included because we knew we would want to try other options on the island, but every time we had breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the standard was high! On Valentine’s Day, dinner was extra special and everyone was so sweet!

The property is beautiful to walk, snorkle, sun-bathe, or jsut soak up. We have both traveled quiet a bit to many other countries, and this experience was one we place high up there with others.

We would definitely recommend Yemaya to anyone who asked! You will not be disappointed in the laid back and beautiful atmosphere!”

Stayed February 2019; the only review you need to read 

“Let me start off by saying….every previous “subpar” review you have read on Tripadvisor about Nicaragua, Little Corn Island, or Yemaya Hideaway is completely off. Our trip started with landing in Managua, we rented a truck and drove from the airport to San Juan del Sur and stayed at Morgan’s Rock for 5 days. That was an incredible portion of our vacation. We then drove back and flew la Costena and landed in Big Corn, then took a panga to Little Corn.

First….there is a huge difference between Nicaragua hospitality and Mexico. Americans are used to other latin countries jumping all over you and demanding a tip. Nicaraguan do jump to help you with your bags and so forth, but they are doing it because they want to, they appreciate tourists enjoying their country. Get used to it, because these folks will only aim to please out of the goodness of their hearts.

Yemaya is by and far the top most wonderful resort I have ever been to. The entire staff was world-class, friendly, warm, and genuine. The daily cuisine was eclectic and refined. There was a lovely blend of variety and local influence. The beach and water is absolutely to die for; no other words needed. Our room was exceptional, clean, and the view of course was incredible. We took many walks around the island day and night time. Never once did I feel even slightly uneasy. I felt significantly safer on Little Corn Island than I do in my own city in Wisconsin.

Yemaya Hideaway, Little Corn Island and their staff deserve every accolade available to them for recognition of the resort that all other island resorts should live up to. What’s nice is this resort doesn’t go above and beyond to try to “create” a feeling of fancy….they knock it out of the park by just being an amazing group of people.

John-if you could, please reach out to me directly, I do have some private feedback. You should be absolutely proud of your staff and resort….each and every one of them.

Finally-to Pborisav or @petraaa. I cannot believe to have read the review from you and resort feedback. I can absolutely see how these folks have not learned the skill to deal with fellow humans who treat others with such disrespect. The way of the island is nothing but love, warmth and respect for one-another. I mirror the response to review to say that you should be ashamed of your behavior.”

Beautiful hotel on a tropical island

“We loved our stay at Yemaya. Little Corn Island is a wonderful place and Yemaya gives a bit of luxury to experience while visiting. The rooms are lovely – very comfortable bed and good sheets. The staff are so nice and helpful. The setting is beautiful. Our flight was delayed a day, and Yemaya made sure we were taken care of and got to the hotel. Many thanks!

The food is excellent, with the 4 course dinner an especially yummy treat. Great beach, snorkeling and swimming just steps from our room. Definitely paradise.

Only complaint is the loud music played at the beachside bar and frequent weed whacking in the afternoon. That could be my sensitivity to loud noise, but the choice and volume of music seems geared for to a young crowd that doesn’t stay at Yemaya. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that people who take up to 3 plane rides and 2 boat rides to get to an island without cars are looking for thumping bass house music. The music would sometimes stop and it made relaxing by the water absolutely delightful.

I highly recommend Yemaya and would happily return.”


A Great Stay!

“Spent 5 days in a gorgeous plunge-pool bungalow and had a great experience! We checked in 3 days after the new chef and general manager arrived and we witnessed marked improvements throughout the property and service every single day. These two are exactly the pro’s Yemaya needs! The local staff were warm and friendly, always focused on making us comfortable. The chef’s dinners were fantastic! World class beach!”

Simply Perfect

“Went to Little Corn Island for 9 days with my husband.First off I want to say if you are looking a perfect getaway with amazing weather and accomodations this is the place for you.Upon arriving on Little Corn you immediately understand that this place is special.
Upon your stay you will find that the staff here is incredible, They go out of there way to make you feel welcome and home. We had a beachfront villa with plunge pool with a view to die for.The friendly staff is constantly working to maintain the property.Special thanks go out to Hannah who works with the staff to make sure your rooms are spotless and that you are comfortable and enjoying your stay.
One of the best Hoildays we have had.”

Warm and helpful place

“Yemaya acted so human towards me and my boyfriend this January 2019:

We had went on a boat trip to pearl keys with a local guy (called Mariano – don’t go with him) he didn’t have things under control and the engine stopped working on our way back to little corn island. We were on the sea for eight hours until a nice local fisherman got us back. It was a pretty rough experience and we were cold, tired, seasick and a bit choked when we came back together with a couple who stayed at yemaya.

My boyfriend and I was not staying at yemaya, but at a place pretty close to it. However, the wonderful staff at yemaya found out what had happened and they treated us extremely kind. Offering tea, warm clothes and even a room for the night. This meant so much to us in this situation and we were so grateful.

Therefore, I wanna give my warmest recommendations to this place. It’s of course a business, but also a business who acts very human in a situation like this.

Furthermore, we spent time at yemaya throughout the two weeks we were at the island. They especially have great smoothies and the staff was so friendly. This place is amazing, a true paradise-setting with beautiful rooms.”

Fantastic hotel – dream location !

“My stay at Yemaya was amazing! I loved every minute of it, and the rates for what it was were outstanding.
The staff were friendly and the vibe is so laid back… the beach is stunning and the beds were amazing. I would recommned this hotel, especially at the lower rates they now have! The only thing I would say to Yemaya is that guys – you could improve on the food!.”

Beautiful, peaceful, relaxing

“Hotel is located on a breathtaking beach where you can observe the many hues of the ocean. The rooms are spacious and well appointed. The staff is lovely and very accomodating. With that said, don’t expect the service to be pro-active and fast. They operate on a slower island tempo which is fine by me as I am on vacation wanting to leave the faster pace of the city behind.
One star was removed due to the food. Although it is healthy, fresh and delicious the breakfast and lunch menu does not change and the options are few. However the staff is accomodating and will communicate to the chef if you have special dietary restrictions. On a more positive note I strongly endorse the romantic dinner. They did a beautiful job, setting up a table surrounded by candlelight right on the beach and the chef agreed to a customized grilled lobster dinner. In addition, they lit a cozy bonfire and appointed a dedicated waiter to cater to your every need.
A special shoutout to the young man who runs the water activities on the beach. He was extremely attentive and we saw him dash out on a paddleboard when he felt a young woman out on a paddleboard was getting too close to the rocks. His dedication to his job and ensuring the safety of the guests was impressive.
Overall this resort makes an effort to please. If you come with realistic expectations (don’t expect Four Seasons-type service) and your goal is a relaxing vacation in a beautiful laid-back setting with friendly unobtrusive staff you will have a very enjoyable vacation. I am dreading the end of my stay and hope the clock slows down during my last 2 days in Yemaya.”