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Sustainability, responsibility and commitment to planet earth have continued to be among Yemaya’s guiding principles from day one.

From using glass water bottles in guest rooms, to drying clothes in the open, sorting the garbage and using the organic waste in our garden compost while sending back glass, plastic and cans to the mainland for recycling, treating every drop of sewage; we do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and keep this a better place for coming generations.

sculpture art yamayaThe carpentry workshop in the resort is not just utilitarian, guests who admire our beautiful pieces of furniture made from driftwood and fallen trees are wonderstruck to know that these are handmade by our master craftsmen and ask for a tour.

yema ya woodRoy and Mario, our senior carpenters, take obvious pride in their talent, more so in the fact that they are training and passing on their skills to the next generation so that the skills of their forefathers, handed down from father to son, will continue and flourish.

The driftwood that washes up on our beaches is carefully checked and good quality wood is taken by hand cart to the carpentry from where comes out beautiful pieces of artwork, sometimes in their natural state, sometimes turned into furniture.

beds yemayaRecent additions include deck beds, bedside tables, a large buffet table for community dinners and foot stools.

In the words of former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, our planet’s lands and oceans are already stretched to meet the demands of 7 billion people. The human population continues to grow. The search for sustainable solutions is an economic and a moral imperative if we are to create the future
we want.