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Make time for yourself, you are so worth it!

A Special Blend of Exquisite Spa Treatments with Heartfelt Service

Our mission is to merge sophistication with simplicity by providing top spa treatments and services while maintaining the authenticity of the island’s cultural roots.

Through self-improvement and a thirst for knowledge our spa family is able to share the joy of our work. This is our spa’s core value

Spa is an oasis offering guests the perfect way to unwind and relax. Browse our spa menu to find a package or service that suits your needs. Simply Contact Concierge to to reserve an appointment.


10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Monday – Sunday


You have probably noticed how tranquil Yemaya is. Since the spa takes one of the core hospitality services, we were thinking of how to come up with a special and an exclusive spa concept.

Now, we have a small story to share with you. Here is the picture of Yemaya’s local spa team. These ladies are lucky inhabitants of Little Corn Island which undergo in-house training focused on both the theoretical and the practical aspects. A portion of the education was dedicated to how to take care of themselves and others by practising awareness meditation, body-stretch exercises, dance, self-presention, and etiquette.

Meet our beautiful Therapists who collaborate with our Spa Manager. Together we create an environment in which they can flourish as an individual and continue to develop as a professional.

Our spa was created this way because we chose to invest in our community by finding people with sparkling personalities and a desire to serve others with an open heart and soul. When visiting our spa you can feel their warmth and sincerity.

We genuinely thank you, our dear guest, for taking an interest in our spa. Because of you we have an opportunity to show our affection and enthusiasm to serve you. Please come and spend some time at our spa reception lounge area, whether you scheduled a treatment or not, we are always happy to see you!