A little-known paradise, lost in the Caribbean

Little Corn Island in Nicaragua is one of the most exquisite island hideaways, tucked away from the rest of the world. Arriving on Little Corn Island can be an adventure in itself, however the moment you step on the island you realize that the journey was all worthwhile. Rewind your watches to a time with no motorized vehicles, horse and carts, bicycles, kids playing on the beach and in the sea... enjoying the simple pleasures that get lost in the big cities and daily life elsewhere. A few simple restaurants and bars to provide a touch of nightlife but time here is mainly filled with walks, swims, tasting seafood fresh from the sea that day.. and of course a lot of hammock time just being hypnotized by the colors that Yemaya, goddess of the sea offers us as one of her many gifts.


Little Corn Island is just around 50 miles from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The island is a permanent home to around 800 locals, making it quaint and after a few days, very familiar - expect to be greeted with smiling faces and friendly nods far more frequently than other luxury Caribbean resorts. The island has many trails and beach walks to explore. But at only 3 sq km in size, nothing is far away. The island has many small secluded coves and beaches where you are not likely to see a single other person all day. No high rise apartment buildings or crowded all-inclusive resorts. Little Corn Island is the exact opposite to most Caribbean Island vacations…and the locals want to keep it that way!

Caribbean Island Hotel and Activities on Little Corn Island

Little Corn is an island isolated from urban bustle, happily existing in a bubble of its own. Most guests arrive at Managua airport and connect directly with their flights to Big Corn Island, only making connection with the capital. Yemaya Hotel is in a special location in the north of Little Corn Island, where you will find the stunning reefs that paint the beautiful blue, green and blue colors of the coasts. Little Corn Island as a destination is peaceful, ready to enjoy and ready to help create the stories and tall tales your friends and family are waiting to hear. Get ready to live a wonderful and unique experience!

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