Caribbean Island Vacation? Use This Handy Guide To Choose The Best Island For You

The Caribbean offers a diverse range of islands, each offering a different flavour of paradise. Choosing the island that best-suited to your particular taste depends on a number of criteria – like the activities you want to enjoy. Here is a breakdown of the top island vacation destinations in the Caribbean, and what you can hope to enjoy there.

Aruba – If you’re looking for a beautiful beach getaway without compromising on shopping opportunities, fabulous dining and cocktails, this is the place. There’s not a whole lot on offer in terms of nature and the outdoors unless you count their feature natural outdoor pool, so soak up the glitz and glam with a cocktail in hand, on these “no-thinking-necessary” beaches.

The Bahamas – Do you love choices? A mixture of 5-star vacationing with untouched pristine wilderness? The Bahamas contain over 500 small islands, each with their own charm. There is a mixture of fun to be had here – you can enjoy the pampered life or take to the hills with your rugged trail boots.


Jamaica – More variety! Jamaica offers a fresh perspective on island living with its twangy accents, mellow vibes, and spicy foods. Blue Mountain Peak remains a favourite point of interest among tourists.


Little Corn Island – The hidden gem of the Caribbean! This island vacation doesn’t offer much in the line of 5-star glitz and glamour. Instead, visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay in one of the beautiful hotels and stretch out on the wide-open beaches. If you value privacy and fancy the idea of a private island for your vacation, this hidden gem offers all the owners of island getaways; pristine oceans, lush jungles, snorkelling without the crowds.

Porto Rico – Famed for the big beach resorts in San Juan, this venue offers vibrant nightlife – perfect for the young at heart ready to mingle and enjoy life. The culture is decidedly Hispanic – offering al the warmth and happiness, imaginable.

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Do you need help planning your island vacation? There are so many options around – we completely understand that it’s overwhelming. Contact us, we would love to assist you.


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