Little Corn Island Nicaragua

Have you heard of Little Corn Island? It’s a hidden island hideaway in the Caribbean. While the crowds flock to the most popular getaway island locations where they share the beach with hoards of other tourists and holiday-makers. Little Corn Island, on the other hand, is a unique island hideaway that offers the same crystal clear turquoise waters with luminescent shades of fish to see in exotic scuba diving trips. The same expands of sandy white beaches and majestic sweep of palms in the tropical forests – everything you would expect from an island hideaway in paradise – without the maddening crowds. There are a few unique traits that set Little Corn Island apart from the typical paradise islands;

1. The Culture

The locals are exceptionally friendly! They embrace the tourist industry wholeheartedly, having firm boundaries around what they do and do not allow on their island hideaway. For one, there are no vehicles permitted on the island, maintaining and an unrivalled sense of peace in the region. The locals are made up of several indigenous groups; including the Garifuna, Miskito, Mayangna, Rama and the English-speaking Creole. You’re likely to be welcomed into their homes for freshly made coconut bread, and stories about buried treasure on the island.

2. The Activities

While most visitors enjoy the typical leisurely pursuits you’d find on an island vacation, Little Corn Island offers them with its own unique twist in a way only an island hideaway can.

  • The coral reef is a hive of colorful activity as shoals of fish go about their business among the occasional diver or snorkeller.
  • The local Miskite Indian sailors offer trips into the clear blue waters on original 40ft handcrafted Miskite sailboats. You will be served refreshments and there’s the option of snorkelling.
  • Alongside this, there’s a multitude of deserted beaches to explore – grab a Kayak and get paddling! The experienced paddler will enjoy a 4-hour exploration journey around the island.
  • Paddleboarders will find great excitement in spending an afternoon mastering the art of standing on a board in picture-perfect flat water.
  • Sometimes, you need a little help to work the tension out your muscles relax. Enjoy a single or a couple’s massage in your hotel room at Yemaya, one of the top hotels on this island hideaway.

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3. Little Corn Paradise: A Beautiful Island Hideaway

Yemaya is a beautiful hotel nestled on one of the most scenic points of this island hideaway. It offers an unusual mixture of neatness and comfort, alongside a homely and dress-down casual factor. This makes it uniquely appealing, as guests are able to feel at home, instantly. And, the hotel is perfectly offset against the tropical beauty of Little Corn Island. The lush green forests give hikers an opportunity to enjoy a gentle and leisurely walk. The weather is generally sunny punctuated by rainy downpours, which give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a few cocktails on their private terraces overlooking the sea. The quiet beaches offer sunbathers privacy and freedom to truly immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of nature while having all the comforts of home nearby.

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