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Discover Nicaragua’s best kept secret: Little Corn Island.

Discover Nicaragua’s best kept secret: Little Corn Island.
Given its remote location this hidden Caribbean jewel is perfect for the more adventurous and intrepid travelers. NOW more affordable than ever before.
It’s true that it takes a little longer to get here than some other Caribbean islands, but that is why this one is so special.
Once you arrive, the Caribbean sea makes it crystal clear that, in this case, it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination!


Nicaragua’s Corn Islands are much more than a beautiful paradise. The Corn Islands have a colorful and varied history dating back to Nicaragua’s pirate days.

According to the 400-year-old tome The Buccaneers of America by the Dutch pirate Alexander Olivier Esquemeling, the author claims to be one of the first to “discover” Big and Little Corn Island.

Initially occupied the by the Kutra Indians, the native bare-footed, copper-colored tribe that warrior Miskito Indians wiped out through war and slave trading to the colonists along the coast. The next wave of Corn Island settlement began about 1700 by British bringing their slaves from Jamaica.

On the 27th of August, 1841, Colonel Alexander McDonald, superintendent of what was then British Honduras (known as Belize today), landed his warship in the Southwest Bay harbor. He rounded up all of the slave owners and proclaimed that all of the slaves on the islands where thereby free men.

Now part of Nicaragua, this amazing island has become Nicaragua’s best kept secret…waiting for you to discover it.



Yemaya is located on Little Corn Island, which is around 45 miles east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and approximately 1.2 square miles in size! The island is bursting in character, yet an oasis of tranquility − there has never been a car or motor vehicle on the island! To get here, you fly from Managua Airport to Big Corn Island, and then take a boat to Little Corn Island.


Step 1: Arriving to Managua


Several international airlines fly to Managua including United, Delta, American Airlines, Copa, AeroMexico, Spirit, Avianca, and Veca.


Step 2: Fly to Big Corn Island


Flights to Big Corn Island are operated by domestic airline La Costeña, which is right next to the Managua Airport (Augusto C. Sandino International Airport). When you exit the Managua Airport doors, turn left and walk to the end of the airport, and you will see the La Costeña terminal. You can book your La Costeña flights to Big Corn Island yourself through their website or via a phone call +505 2298 5360. You can ask for an English speaking assistant if required. If you have any issues please contact us at reservations.yemaya@colibriboutiquehotels.com and we can assist you with this process.
Please note that your flight ticket price does not include airport taxes ($2 USD per person), which can be paid directly at La Costeña’s check in area.
It is advised that you make reservations in advance, as seats can be limited at last minute (especially during busy periods). Please check their website for up-to-date information on baggage regulations, check-in times and flight schedules, or call +505 2298 5360 for further assistance.


Flights currently run 2-3 times daily from both Managua and Bluefields. Please be aware that flights from Managua sometimes stop at Bluefields for 10 to 15 minutes to let passengers on or off.


If you arrive during the afternoon to Managua and decide to stay over night to take the next morning’s  flight to Corn Island, there are few hotel options located right next to the airport. We would be happy to help you decide the best option.


La Costeña’s current flight schedule is:


Managua to Big Corn Island:

Flight 142 − 6:30 AM

Flight 150 − 11:00 AM

Flight 148 − 2:30 PM


Big Corn Island to Managua:

Flight 143 − 8:10 AM

Flight 151 − 12:30 PM

Flight 149 − 3:30 PM


Step 3: Boat to Little Corn Island


Once you land on Big Corn Island, you can get a taxi from Big Corn Airport to the wharf (Approximate price for taxi C$30 Córdoba’s)
From the wharf, you can either: a) take a private water taxi directly to Yemaya; or b) you can take the public panga to the Little Corn Island dock, and from there take a water taxi (10 mins) or a walk (30 mins) to Yemaya.

Also our commercial guest transport boat will be running one return trip daily between Yemaya and Big Corn Island. (recommended)

It will leave Yemaya to Big Corn Island at 1 pm in time for connecting to the afternoon La Costena flight to Managua. It will leave Big Corn to return to Yemaya at 4pm. We do recommend guests take advantage of this direct service to and from Yemaya.

The cost is $50 USD per passenger each way.

Any guests wanting to travel outside of these hours will need to travel either on the public panga boat or charter a private panga.

The public panga service between Big Corn and Little Corn islands costs $6 USD per person each way. It brings you to the public dock on Little Corn Island. A water taxi from the Little Corn Island dock to Yemaya costs $15 USD per person. We recommend getting to the Big Corn Island wharf as early as possible to reduce the risk of them selling out, because the tickets are sold on a first-come, first served basis; it is not possible to book them in advance. Below is the public boat schedule:


Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island

Departs 10:00 AM & 4:30 PM


Little Corn Island to Big Corn Island:

Departs 6:30 AM & 1:30 PM



Yemaya recommends the use of biodegradable products such as sun block and mosquito repellents, to help protect our environment. You can bring a refillable water bottle, which can be refilled for free in the restaurant. Street lighting is limited on Little Corn Island so it is recommended to bring a small flashlight. Please check the weather forecast before your arrival to bring appropriate clothing.


We can help you book activities during your stay including diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, spa treatments and in room massage.


There is an ATM on Big Corn Island but there is no guarantee that it is always in service. We recommend using an ATM before your flight to Big Corn Island as well as notifying your bank and credit card providers that you are traveling to Nicaragua. Most business establishments on the island accept only cash in Cordobas and sometimes USD. Yemaya accepts most major credit cards with a 5% processing fee.


In the main Village there are several restaurants and bars with different offerings. There are also a few restaurants and bars scattered over the island at different hotels. Bars generally close at 12pm and we recommend arranging a water taxi prior for your return to Yemaya rather than walking across the island at night. We can help you with this.


Little Corn Island has a very basic clinic only. On Big Corn island there is larger hospital with facilities for most minor injuries and requirements. For major issues Managua has full service hospitals. We recommend travelling with a first aid kit.


Little Corn Island runs generators to supply town power between the hours of 7:30 am to 12:30 am.
Outside of these hours Yemaya also has generators on site allowing us to provide 24-hour power for our guests. We do our best to ensure there are no disruptions in power supply however things can go wrong of course. When this happens it doesn´t normally take us too long to get things working again.


Being on a tiny island lost in the Caribbean comes without many of the standard services we are all used to. We treat all of our waste water on site using a top of the line biodigestor plant. This mini eco system is delicate and for this reason we ask that our guests respect our rules of not adding any paper or other non bio materials into the system. This helps us run an efficient processing plant and avoids contaminating the pristine island environment.


We do our best to reduce our waste as much as possible. All organic waste is composted and used for our gardens. Any other non biodegradable waste must be shipped back to the mainland for disposal.