Yemaya Hideaway Hotel: A unique Island Getaway in the Caribbean

Set just off the beautiful shore, Yemaya’s rooms overlook the ocean, fringed by the tropical forests. As their guests, you and your significant other can wake to sound of the waves and the fresh smell of the sea. From there, you can plan your day after a bountiful and hearty breakfast.

What can you expect from Yemaya’s beautiful oceanfront rooms? There are three room categories to choose from, with the final choice being the luxury options. Couples love the king-sized beds, which are standard in every room. The highlight? Sitting on your own private terrace and enjoying the cool ocean air. It’s the perfect setting to rekindle the romance, or revel in the close connection that’s already there.

What else is on the checklist for the perfect Island Getaway in the Caribbean? Romantic dinners, of course – to the sound of the ocean? Bonus.

Romance is on the menu (and some if the finest seafood)

Yemaya offers a variety of dining options to love birds enjoying an Island Getaway in the Caribbean, with most of the ingredients being sourced locally on the island. As you can imagine, there is a wealth of deliciously fresh seafood dishes which are far superior to the mainland counterparts. The restaurant is perched on a terrace, giving diners the opportunity to look out at the sea and enjoy the fresh salty air as they dine. The casual setting alongside the 5-star food again emphasises the unique comfortable-but-casual vibe of the hotel.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner all consist of a simple menu, inspired by local ingredients and traditions and can change depending on the availability of ingredients on the day”.

One of the elements that make Yemaya unique is the unusual blend of the upmarket facility and the relaxed atmosphere. Visitors are allowed to wander the hotel barefoot, casual, and relaxed – guests are encouraged to wind down and leave the mainland stresses at the mainland. This becomes natural after a few days of fun and exciting activities. So the island will see guests getting outdoors, active, and reconnecting with a sense of child-like mirth during their Island Getaway in the Caribbean.

Island Getaway in the Caribbean: Star-struck with no distractions

Rumour has it an island vacation is a secret ingredient in the recipe of love. This makes sense when you consider that the setting is just right for long days outdoors, laughing and playingin the sun, and the nights with starry skies give you the ideal backdrop to gaze into each other’s eyes. Little Corn Island removes all of the stress and distractions that come with life, giving lovers the opportunity to connect with each other with their full attention during their Island Getaway in the Caribbean.

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