Yemaya Little corn Island Hotel | How to Get There





Little Corn Island, around 45 miles east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, is approximately 1.2 square miles in size, bursting in character yet an oasis of tranquility. You can fly from Managua to Big Corn Island and then take a boat to Little Corn Island.

Several international airlines fly to Managua including United, Delta, American Airlines, Copa, AeroMexico, Spirit, Avianca, and Veca.

There are several travel options for you to choose from once you are in Managua, please advise us in advance of your choice so we can plan your transport. We recommend the Priority Guest Transfer Service.


1 – Priority Guest Transfer Service $300 per person, taxes included. No stress at all for you as all the planning and logistics are taken care of once you arrive in Managua!

  • Includes booking your flights on La Costeña from Managua to Big Corn and back (round trip)
  • A Yemaya team member will meet you at Managua international airport and assist you with boarding your flight or your transfer to your hotel (if you plan to stay overnight in Managua before your flight)
  • Yemaya priority check-in at La Costeña, includes late check in 45 minutes before departure
  • Priority boarding on La Costeña flights
  • Private taxi and Yemaya boat from Big Corn Airport to Yemaya (roundtrip)
  • Welcome drink upon arrival


2 – Yemaya Boat Service ($50 per person, taxes included)

  • Meeting you at Big Corn Island airport
  • Private taxi and Yemaya boat from Big Corn to Yemaya (round trip)
  • Welcome drink upon arrival


3 – Public Boat

You can get a taxi from Big Corn airport to the wharf and travel with the public boat service on their schedule. When you arrive at Little Corn Island, we will pick you up in one of our boats from the public dock free of charge. Please let us know in advance.

Please note that for options 1 and 2, we recommend that you take the last flight of the day from Managua (around 2.30 pm now). In the event that you book the morning or mid day flights there are chances that you could be delayed on Big Corn due to sudden changes in weather which prevent the boats from running to and from Little Corn (adverse weather conditions can affect our plans for the evening boat trips too but the chances are lesser than during the day).


Flights currently run 2-3 times daily from both Managua and Bluefields.

It is advised that you make reservations in advance, as seats can be limited especially in busy periods. Please check for up to date information on baggage regulations, check-in time and flight schedules.

*Nature Air is planning direct flights from San Jose, Costa Rica to the Corn Islands. Please check for updates.


We are located on the north end of the island on a beautiful beach approximately a 30 minute walk from the village. A team member can take you to the local village or bring you back at night. Our guests can also avail a hotel boat (at fixed times and prior to subject reservation at the concierge) to the village during the day.


Check-in time is 3pm and checkout time is 11am. We can store your luggage if you arrive/depart outside of these times and you are welcome to use the hotel facilities.


We can help you book activities for your stay including diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, spa treatments and massage.


There is an ATM on Big Corn Island but there is no guarantee that it is always in service. We recommend using an ATM before your flight to Big Corn Island as well as notifying your bank and credit card providers that you are traveling to Nicaragua. Most business establishments on the island accept only cash, but the resort accepts most major credit cards.


All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with ceiling fans in addition to being positioned to catch the sea breeze.


Every room has an electronic safe. The resort is not responsible for loss of any belongings or valuables not stored in the safety box.


Yemaya recommends the use of biodegradable products such as sun block and mosquito repellents, to help protect our environment. You can bring a refillable water bottle, which can be refilled for free in the restaurant. Street lighting is limited on Little Corn Island so it is recommended to bring a small flashlight. Please check the weather forecast before your arrival to bring appropriate clothing.


We recommend that all of our guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to travel.


Please note that we do not accept bookings with children under 8 years old.


Pets are not permitted in the resort or restaurant.


Yemaya is predominantly a smoke free property; there are designated smoking areas within the property in outdoor areas.


Yemaya does not have wheelchair access or facilities


The decision to travel should be made in consultation with your health care provider. Discuss the purpose of travel, destination(s), length of the trip, planned activities, underlying medical and/or pregnancy related complications and available medical care in your destination.   It is important to consider that the boat ride from Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island (Yemaya) might be bumpy and sometimes even up to an hour long. The basic medical facility on Little Corn Island might not be suitable to take care of pregnancy or other health related emergencies.   If you decide to travel while pregnant, please make sure that you have comprehensive travel health insurance, review your policy and the coverage it provides.